Sunday, January 17, 2010

A new year and the same old shit

Ah, a mostly lazy weekend was just what I needed. The sports guy went on to another business and I've been doing my stuff, plus much of his job. I'm hoping to have a new guy in place by early February, but until them I'm not-at-all lapsednews(or sports)guy.
Being busy at work keeps me from dwelling on my usual distraction of being amazed at how brazenly hostile national Republicans are towards the American people. They are rallying around a clown in Massachusetts whose platform seems to be "If that colored guy is fer it, I'm agin it!" And their chief shill actually talks down donating money to Haitian earthquake out of fear that Obama will use donors' info for his reelection campaign.
The relentlessly obstuse obstructionism of the GOP is starting to pay divends for progressives, however. Obama has proposed surtaxes on TARP recipients and the greedy asshats who run them. Recognizing that taxes can do good and saying it publicly is a good first step toward real economic policy and forces knee jerk Republicans to side with the creeps who ran this country into the ground.
There is also Wall Street's plaything, Tim Geithner, on the ropes. Obama can't go back to the boardroom for Geithner's replacement, given how things are going, and may have to put an almost progressive in at Treasury.
And, to top it all off, Republicans become more and more beholden to the Teabaggers by the day. This is awesome because Teabaggers believe in made up stuff (yes, mouthbreathers, the Constitution does allow for government taxing and spending). They also believe that everyone else (except the coloreds and libruls) agrees with them, which is easy enough to disprove. They lash out at every thing they can think of, none of it sticks and they will stay home and pout in three years when the Republican who kissed their asses the most during the primaries runs away from everything he (Sarah's not running because she's just smart enough to know that a disastrous presidential run would derail her earning power) promised them on his way to getting stomped by Obama.
Oh, and here's a funny show from Jon Benjamin and Sam Seder. Enjoy!

BEAT COPS from Sam Seder on Vimeo.