Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sorry for the hiatus; I've been busy with the day job.
Anyone who has wandered by a TV today has heard about Teddy Kennedy. I won't recount all of the good work he did on this Earth. America is a much better place today for his having been here.
Kennedy's detractors won't cut him a break, even in death, so there's no point complaining about them; however, in search of a hate buzz, I cruised and comment sections and read all about Chappaquiddick and William Kennedy Smith.
As much as I detest the mouthbreathers who post this stuff, I have to admit that they are right to point that Kennedy had a hand in a young girl's death. Did he drive her off the bridge? It sure looks that way. Could he have saved her? Only God knows.
Does Teddy's good work outweigh what happened that night? To be honest, I think it does. I'm sure the girl's family disagrees and I won't quibble over their point of view.

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