Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is that rigor setting in?

I've made it a point to avoid the news since coming home. I allow myself to watch Dylan Ratigan's show (4-5 p.m. on MSNBC) and visits to Talking Points Memo and every day. I've more than filled my days with job hunting, househusband stuff, PS2 and fighting with teenagers -- all far more stimulating than the crap that usually surfaces during the daily news cycle.
A couple of newsy items have caught my eye today, however. Firstly, I love watching PFC Andrew Breibart of the Right Wing Noise Brigade squirm over the blowback from slandering (yes, slandering) that lady from USDA. I also noticed that Sarah Palin's flirty, blissfully ignorant act flamed out wildly in front of real estate execs in Vegas this week. She actually called Obama an "opium addict" -- opium in this case meaning other people's money! HAHAHAHA! OMG, she is so fucking cute, isn't she?
Is it just me, or has the major media finally, finally gotten tired of Breibart, Palin and their enablers? Tea party panderers are winning GOP primaries, only to have their local news outlets discover that they are ignorant, lying misanthropes. As badly as Obama's poll numbers look now, Congressional Republicans are even worse. Every Tea Party flavored nominee surges out of the primary, only to start tanking in the polls by week's end.
Speaking of GOP congresstypes, they really, really tripped on their dicks over this whole unemployment business. It got the Gulf oil spill off the front page and made them look stupid and partisan. Obama is going to ram that issue down their throats this fall.
Oh yeah, and don't forget the Obama's SCOTUS pick will get confirmed and the financial reg bill, as milquetoast as it is, finally passed.
I really don't why anyone thinks the GOP is taking over anything this fall. They have yet to stuff the Dems and White House on anything and their fall election roster is so of morons who won't inspire anyone with an IQ over 80 to come out and vote for them.

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