Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ass whuppin'

Uh, I know it's Saturday night and all but I am just bowled over by the Democratic primary returns coming out of South Carolina. Obama is absolutely, positively running away with it across almost all demographic lines. 
"Why does this matter?" you may ask. Well, Obama's gotten a quarter of the white male vote in the cracker capital of the world. He withstood a full-on siege of venom and head games from not just Sen. Clinton, but also her husband (you know, the guy who tried to destroy democracy by lying about a blow job yet still remains easily the most popular politician in America).
Not only does this set up Obama nicely for the Feb. 5 Super Tuesday phalanx of primaries, it also quiets those mutterings under the breath by many Democrats who aren't sure white guys would support a brother for president.
I still support John Edwards for now, but I'm planning to give Obama a second look in the coming week. I think you should as well because there's no one on the GOP side who can win anywhere other than Utah and Indiana in a general election.
In short, the Senator from the Land of Lincoln is starting to look like our 44th President.


Southside Pirate said...

Please keep things in perspective. You say that Obama recieved a quarter of the white male vote. Ok, let us see who thse guys are. First you mean a quarter of the white male "democrat" vote. In other words metrosexuals who are either disallusioned by the Clinton's or who feel guilty about their own deep seeded bigotry. These voters are not representative of the general population of the Cradle of the Confederacy. To base an Obama victory in the general election upon this performance is highly suspect in my mind. Oh and isn't his mother white? Just something to think about.

lapsednewsguy said...

I neglected to mention that he received more votes than McCain and Huckabee combined.
As to your point about him being half-white, anyone who cares about that probably still believes that miscegenation causes genetic damage and wouldn't give Obama a second thought.