Friday, April 24, 2009

He's good

I messed up. I was all set for bed when I stupidly took one last look at the TV guide.
I'm not a Scorcese maven, per se, but I can't think of a better filmmaker who is still with us (Welles will always be the best, rest in peace). There's almost never a false note or wasted motion in any of his films. Performances, sound, editing, camera's always engaging and absolutely spot on.
Everytime I watch one of his films, I take away something new. Tonight I'm particularly impressed with the production design of Goodfellas. He takes a character from the 50s through the mid-70s and never once is there so much as one item in any frame that's out of place. The clothes are easy enough to get right, but the cars, building facades, interiors, even the cigarette packs, are always dead solid perfect.
I don't want to get too film grad student about's too late for that and I have to work tomorrow, but savor that craftmanship the next time you watch one of Scorcese's films.

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