Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The flu has flown away, or so it seems. I woke up feeling alright and my appetite appears to be back.
I don't remember being that sick in a looonnnggg time. One of the few benefits of having an autoimmune disorder like psoriatic arthritis is that my immune system is too strong. I typically get the sniffles for maybe one day per year. Sore throats and earaches are rare. Infections never happen.
This bout of flu absolutely hammered me, however. I couldn't sleep, wanted nothing to do with food and probably lost 10 pounds (not by puking, if you get my drift). I don't know if it was swine flu. My fever never quite hit 101 and I wasn't congested.
I think that North Pole living, combined with the weekly injection I take for the arthritis, probably compromised me more than I realized. It's still early spring up here, weatherwise, and the long winter did zap my overall energy level.
I dunno. All I can say is that I hope you all are spared what I dealt with over the weekend.

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