Friday, June 5, 2009


Anyone who has already started writing off Pres. Obama is blind and clueless.
The peerless Al Giordano makes the case better than I can, but the President presents his own case here even better than Al:

Consider the context: Barack Hussein Obama, a political unknown five years ago who was repeatedly slandered by Fox News and the Republicans as being a foreign born closet Muslim, strides into the birthplace of the Muslim Brotherhood (one of the forebears of al Queda), acknowledges past American transgressions and debunks much of the case that extremists try to make against us on the Arab street. He puts Israel and Palestine into a context that no reasonable person can argue with.
I hope, in time, that even Obama's detractors will come to admit that he is a considerable improvement over the bullies and half-wits who preceded him. He isn't waiting for consensus; he's leading with the knowledge that it will come in time. He knows there won't be a Republican backlash in next year's midterms. He also knows he is capable of handling whatever comes his way, without hubris or delusion, and that will carry him easily into a second term and the time he needs to try and set things right.

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