Thursday, September 4, 2008


Palin seemed pretty comfortable onstage Wednesday and, I'm sure, allayed a lot of fears of Republicans who were afraid that she would come off as a MILFy Dan Quayle. Several of the leftie blogs have made the very good point, however, that she overplayed her hand a bit. Her story of being the hockey mom who became a part-time mayor, then governor for almost a year and a half, was God's plenty to leave a good impression on moderate Dems and undecideds.
But she went further to take the same tired, not terribly sharp, swipes at Barack Obama. Republicans, especially mediocrities like Palin, always try to sound witty next to Dems and come off looking like dunderheads. The GOP wins when it attacks with an army of meth-addled dunderheads carrying dull axes in one hand and the Reader's Digest version of the New Testament in the other.

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