Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last thoughts on Palin (for now)

The numbers are in and Sarah Palin has been good for John McCain and the national media. McCain has pulled even with Obama and all anyone can talk about is Palin. I see that Joe Biden joined the establishment chorus this morning in trying to goad the governor into doing unscripted appearances.
All I can say about this hubbub is "Be patient." 
Two months is a long time to hide from the national media, as impotent as it is. As I have written for the last week and a half, Palin's a sincere dunderhead. She believes whatever is coming out of her mouth at any given moment, which puts her squarely in with most Americans. That fact (and her undeniable MILFiness) why she is popular right now; it will also be her undoing. She will appear on TV without handlers soon and say stupid, easy-to-debunk things that the press will jump on. It would be great if she did so in the next week, that would be great. The effect will be the same, however, if she does so in early October.
Don't forget, too, that the tabloids love her rather interesting personal life. The rumor about her faking a pregnancy to cover up for her daughter has pretty well played out, but there appears to be at least one friend of her husband's that she has grudge-fucked because The First Gentleman can't keep his cock in his pants, allegedly. She has also tried to run Wasilla and the state as extensions of her will, a common trait among mouth-breathing right wing Jesus freaks. 
Of course, the proper media will tut-tut such stories, but the Enquirer and every other rag at the checkout line will see nice bumps in circulation over the next two months. As always, money talks and bullshit walks.
GO COLTS!!!!!! 

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