Thursday, September 18, 2008

Josh and Sarah

Joshua's surgery went fine yesterday. The doctor said the damage in his hand was a little worse than expected, but the pin and screws should fix everything hunky-dory. I'm off to Josie's to babysit him today as he begins to convalesce.
In other news, the Palin hits just keep coming. I've linked the title to a diary on about the Governor's increasingly apparent lying problem. Daily Kos gets knocked for some of the stuff that pops up in the diaries, but this particular post includes transcripts from her and the First Dude's recent TV interviews. Even a knee-jerk hater of liberal blogs can't deny that the VPILF-in-waiting is way, way, way too cavalier with the truth. It's almost as if she doesn't realize all of this crap she's spewing is being taped.

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