Monday, February 2, 2009

It will be okay, I promise

Before the national media went for the weekend Friday, this hopelessly vapid Greek chorus began chanting that President Obama was about to be neutered by Rush Limbaugh and his minions on Capitol Hill.
There was much hand wringing over the House Republicans refusal en masse to embrace the Democrats' $800+ billion stimulus package. Mediocrities like Ben Nelson were trotted out to reiterate how unstimulating the stimulus would be, and John McCain predictably stabbed Obama in the back the first chance he got.
Bitches, be cool. It's going to be okay. The House Republicans need votes from Limbaugh's mouth-breathing devotees, so their no vote was hardly surprising. They have no choice but to be spiteful, because they need the votes of the spiteful and ignorant. "Moderates" like Nelson are in much the same boat. The good news is that Obama has the votes in the Senate to pass his bill. He will make a few conciliatory sacrifices, in so far as he will detach them from the stimulus package and attach them to something else later.
Trust me friends: most people are as sick of assholes like Limbaugh as we are. The days of letting ignorant, hysterical crybabies have their way are over. Blaming everything on government and slashing rich people's taxes have fucked our economy royally. We can't afford it anymore and Nixon's "silent majority" knows that all too well.

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