Thursday, February 12, 2009


It's only Thursday to you, but it's Friday to me. I don't have to mess with the day job again until Sunday, save for a trip to a drunken afterparty for a snowmobile race to take a quick pic.
I am beat. I did news and sports (sort of) for three weeks while waiting for the new guy to show up and take over for the old sports guy. I think I spent one whole day away from the office in that span, which is pretty busy for me. The locals, as amiable as they are, were not terribly satisfied with my half-assed stab at sports. They didn't seem to care about the rest of the rag I prepared for them everyday, but that's what this business is like.
The worst part was letting things go to pot more than usual. I really, really am glad the new guy is here because I can get my work shit half way organized again. No more kicking cans down the road a-piece.
I have to say, however, that this is just about my favorite stop of my unremarkable career. The boss is wants things right, but isn't threatened when they don't go all the way right. My fellow managers are a good lot. The employees earn their money and don't bitch too much. Corporate is squeezing us hard -- shocking! I'm sure -- but nobody's throwing in the towel. There's almost no backbiting.
It's freaky, really.
Anyway, I get to goof off for most of the next 48 hours. My plan? I have no fucking idea and I couldn't be happier.

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