Saturday, February 14, 2009


So I did exactly Jack Shit yesterday, other than a little shopping and a lot of PS2. I monitor the day job email from home, but there was nothing much of that.
I get up today to check the work website for comments (behold, I am MODERATOR!). An aspiring young politician managed to draw some unto himself up here by getting elected to an obsolete office, then inviting local TV crews to come and watch as he asks the county's commissioners to eliminate said office.
Sounds good, right? Smart young guy gets some attention for burgeoning political career, even a five-minute interview with Shepard Smith on FoxNoise. Good ink for the local rag and its website, right?
This young Rove had a good idea and made a credible case for it to the commissioners, but all the commissioners can do is pass a resolution in support of it. The legislature must change state law for it to go into effect. My reporter, who is ridiculously good and professional, lays all of that out in the story and is promptly ignored.
What's the reaction online? He's the new Ronald Reagan! We have a new light to lead us back to 1984!
This is what passes for popular political comment today. No context whatsoever. This seemingly decent idea is seized on and magnified beyond all proportion.
That's why I don't take conservatives seriously.

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