Monday, March 9, 2009

Could it be?

Is it just me, or are more people getting as pissed as I am at the clowns who ran our economy into the ground? Could it be that our new president will dragged further to the left in dealing with Wall Street? I don't want to say yes quite yet, but smarter people than I are seeing what I think I see.
Take James Howard Kunstler, for instance. I hope you have clicked on his link over there on the right of this page, because he has been way out in front in warning folks that our suburban dreams and delusions are gone, baby, gone. He has a brief, but interesting, post today:
The bigger question for now is whether any of these authorities will act effectively before the public simply goes apeshit and starts burning down Greenwich, Connecticut. The dangerous shift in public mood is liable to occur with shocking swiftness, in the manner of "phase change," where one moment you see a bewildered bunch of flabby clown-citizens vacuously enraptured by "American Idol," and the next moment they are transformed into a vicious mob hoisting flaming brands to the window treatments of a hedge funder's McMansion. The moment of opportunity for avoiding that outcome is looking sickeningly slim right now.
I think he may be on to something. Click the aforementioned link and read the post.

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