Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dunderhead for president in 2012

I decided after the presidential election to quit wasting time and energy commenting on Sarah Palin. I didn't think anyone would take her seriously enough to merit expending time and energy rehashing just how vapid she is.
Then I saw this at Huffington Post this morning.
After reading this item, a thought occurred to me. I think I know why all of the mouthbreathers love her so much: she doesn't believe in consequence or accountability. She not only is without shame; she is unaware of the concept.
Anyone who paid attention to the fall campaign last year would have to admit that Palin was ridiculously overmatched. She tried time and time again to bullshit her way through interviews, speeches, debates and the like, only to humiliate herself. Or did she? Any intelligent adult with even a trace of scruples would either retire from public life or resolve to improve themselves and be ready for the next national go-round. She isn't doing either. She intends to continue pursuing her presidential ambitions just as she pursued the vice presidency: by appealing to her supporters' addiction to willful ignorance.
Earmarks are bad, and how dare ABC News mention that she requests just like every other governor! The press should leave her family alone, but it's okay to have her family up on stage with her and pass her infant son around like a bong, as Sam Seder so eloquently observed. Talk up her average, middle class life, then go on six-figure shopping sprees and send the bill to the Republican National Committee. Talk up fiscal conservatism, then bill your state for driving to and from work and family outings to the lower 48.
Palin plans to run for president in 2012 without doing anything to better prepare herself to be president. It's tragic, really, because she will have several million supporters who will place their money and faith in her. They won't win, of course, but her candidacy will harden their heads even more in the belief that any facts that challenge their half-assed notions are evil and wrong.

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