Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day job

Long week at the day job. I was down a woman and had to do some reporting about our local up-and-coming RoveBot.
To make a long story short, RoveBot is using the anachronistic office he won last year as a platform to chase after bigger and better things; in fact, he announced his candidacy for a state house seat about two weeks after being sworn into his county office.
RoveBot has gotten crossways with the county administrator and commissioners with his management of the office, pretty much using it for political purposes and attacks on his predecessor. I decided to call him on it this week and got the Young Republican playbook thrown at me: obfuscation, half truths, personal attacks, etc.
Now, I'm a big boy and can handle that. God knows I have before. What always bowls me over, however, is that no matter how painstakingly you stick to facts there are always readers who get upset because they are being forced to reassess preconceived notions about a given subject. Some people get angry when confronted with truth. I had people call me and defend RoveBot as "not a politician." Nevermind that he launched another political campaign just weeks after swearing into his first political seat.
I can't help but think how much better this country would be today if adults weren't so threatened by the idea of being wrong about something, or at least willing to admit that the other guy might have a point, too.

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