Saturday, July 25, 2009

So when does summer come to the North Pole?

We haven't cracked 80 degrees here yet all summer. I knew the summers were mild here, but Jesus Christ...
I had another busy week at the day job, dealing with production headaches while trying to do some honest-to-God journalism.
The publisher and I have been haggling a bit over best editing practices, with him pushing and pushing and me holding to my "you're getting a lot for what the company wants to invest into the product" line. As my dearly-missed Grandpa used to say, "you pay for shit and you get shit." Well, corporate pays for shit and gets back more than it deserves from me...whadyagonnado?
Anyway, I'm on the verge of writing up a feature on the prescription pill problem plaguing the North Pole. It could be an award winner, but I'm almost afraid to write it. I hate not having the time and resources to do things right. This story really requires a few drafts to dial in, but I'm so fed up with 55-60 hour weeks that I don't want to give the company anymore free labor than I have to.
Speaking of prescription pills, I've been increasing my intake recently as the chaotic weather is amplfying with my rheumatiz. I really hope the coming winter isn't as bad as the last one.
It's Hell getting old, kids.

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