Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, America!

So it is the Fourth of July.
We have been blessed with gorgeous weather here at the North Pole, and the streets of Cheboygan and Indian River were both filled with locals and fudgies rooting on the towns' respective parades.
I, of course, was out taking pictures. You can see a few here.
There was one float that particularly caught my eye, the one I've posted here with the soldiers praying in the Iraqi desert. The folks at the church who built this float are good, sincere Christians who no doubt see the soldiers' plight as much spiritual as it is physical. I won't quibble with them, although I do disagree.
It got me to thinking, however, about how people can see the world in such different terms. No matter how old I get, I never fail to be amazed at how stubbornly some people cling to their repeatedly and thoroughly discredited preconceptions. I tried to understand how the folks at the church could cast our country's Iraq experience in such Crusader-like terms. I'm a smart guy and I couldn't come up with so much as one credible arguement.
I am equally perplexed by the cult of personality surrounding Sarah Palin. She is resigning her seat ahead of what I'm guessing is yet another scandal (she's tried running a state as if it were a grade school PTA and it's blown up in her face....repeatedly). She bullshitted her way through her resignation announcement Friday and what happened? The right wing blogosphere and Fox News hailed the move, ascribing non-existent political acumen to this woman who is clearly unable or unwilling to make even a half-assed attempt at running her state.
I really, really don't understand how any sentient being with any kind of awareness of the world today can take her seriously. Has she ever said anything intelligent, in public at least? If she has, please send me the quote because I can't find it.
I know the public generally is leaving Palin and her ilk behind, but a twit like her having any kind of constituency really bugs me. It's a free country, but why on Earth would you cast your lot with this insincere, addle-minded woman?

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